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Completed Projects

The following database projects were completed by the Sephardic Heritage Project:

  • Aleppo Britot - More than 7500 records dating from 1868-1945
  • Aleppo Marriage Database - 1354 records – For the most part, the data covers 1847-1850, 1868-1877, and 1893-1934. However, we included a few records found in 1811and 1855 that were derived from Ketubot manuscripts.
  • Aleppo Eulogies Database - Deaths in Aleppo, Syria, covering sporadic entries from periods as early as 1716 -1946
  • Marriages from the Moroccan Community of Buenos Aires (ACILBA)
  • Cemetery Records from Congregation Mikveh israel (Philadelphia)

Sephardic Heritage Project also was instrumental in providing the cemetery records for the communities below; these records can be accessed by going to

  • Cemetery records from the Sephardic cemetery in Guanabacoa, Cuba.
  • Cemetery records from the Syrian community in Caracas, Venezuela
  • Cemetery records from the Moroccan Sephardic community in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Cemetery records from of Aleppan Jewish community in Mexico City, Mexico. These records include Panteón Jardín Nuevo and Panteón Jardín Viejo, operated by HEBRA KADISHA, COMUNIDAD MAGUÉN DAVID.

The following archival newsletters from the Syrian Jewish community are available:

Sephardic Heritage Project is a member of the 
International Association of Jewish Genealogy Associations

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