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Volunteers Needed

The Sephardic Heritage Project is working on several projects for which we need volunteers

1. Moroccan Ketubot - Spanish language needed. We have over 1,000 ketubot from Buenos Aires and need those with knowloedge of Spanish and English to harvest data into out template. Contact to volunteer. Each data set will need at least 2 ppl - one to do the first round and a second to check the work of the first person.

3. Bogota, Columbia Immigration Records of Jewish immigrants. Knowledge of Spanish needed.

If you are interested in volunteering for this project, please contact Sarina Roffé at




Sephardic Heritage Project is a member of the 
International Association of Jewish Genealogy Associations

Books Available

Branching Out From Sepharad and Backyard Kitchen: Mediterranean Salads and Backyard Kitchen: the Main Course are available on Amazon.

Proceeds benefit the Sephardic Heritage Project.

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