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Sephardic Heritage Project


Thanks to  Our Donors

  • Sarita Abadi
  • Amin and Lillian Adjmi Foundation
  • Daniel Cayre
  • Josef Chehebar
  • Chehebar Family Foundation
  • Morris Benun
  • Mitchell Dayan
  • Gent Management
  • IG Gindi
  • Ralph and Grace Gindi
  • Edmond and Terry Harary
  • Ralph Harary
  • Ezra and Gladys Hedaya
  • Debra and David Humphries
  • Joseph and Ester Jerome
  • Edward Tyler Nahem
  • Joseph Nahem
  • Nakash Foundation
  • Ralph J. Harary Foundation
  • Sam Shamie
  • Paul Sutton
  • Richard Sutton


Volunteers Needed

The Sephardic Heritage Project is working on several projects for which we need volunteers with language and compuer skills.

1. Bogota, Columbia Immigration Records of Jewish immigrants. Knowledge of Spanish needed.

2. Baghdad Burials - knowledge of Hebrew script from Baghdad needed.

3. Baghdad military exemptions - work from scans to extract names

If you are interested in volunteering for this project, please contact Sarina Roffé at




Sephardic Heritage Project is a member of the 
International Association of Jewish Genealogy Associations

Sephardic Community Allliance

Books Available

Branching Out From Sepharad and Backyard Kitchen: Mediterranean Salads and Backyard Kitchen: the Main Course are available on Amazon.

Proceeds benefit the Sephardic Heritage Project.

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